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About Us

Our main focus on building community by honoring all traditions.

We have created this website for those who want to gain knowledge of current technologies (e.g. cybersecurity, mobile app development, web app development, and many more).

Basically we provide the content/stuff listed below to end-users who really want to hone up their skills on current technologies.

  • Open source code based projects.
  • Material design template's and theme's.
  • Paid and free courses on cyber security, programming languages.
  • Open source software's/tools.


The upcoming and featured content's for our visitors


Reco Web

Web interface based recon and vulnerability finder tool for security teams and pen-testers.


Reco Tool

Reconnaissance tool for the pen-testers and bug bounty hunters.


Designed Courses

You can find your suitable courses and tutorials from our website market as well as from our youtube channel.


Project Build

We build the web and android based projects as a freelancer at minimum cost.


Material Design's

Free on hand ready material designs and templates for your website's/blog's.


Web Seminar's

Web seminar's and lectures on cyber security and programming languages.

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