About Us

 Our main focus on building community by honoring all traditions.

This website/blog basically creates for the educational purpose. Here you will get all the tutorials related to programming, cybersecurity, and technology information.

Basically, on this website/blog, we will provide the basic level to advance levels of programming like android development, web development, and many others. Here the tutorials are in a form of video as well as in-textual or image-based by which our users or visitors can learn programming as per their way. We also provide the codes and information with the file by which users can get the code and analysis their own way and create a unique new concept.

The contents are present in the following way:

  • Video: The videos or video gallery based on youtube videos we have not to use any other web player for the videos right now.
  • Text: The text base content may be simple textual format or links are present. The links are basically is source code or other external information download content.

The Services we provide:

  •  Material design and templet's.
  •  Wordpress templet's and hosting.
  •  Ruby on rails based website development.
  •  Android app development.
  •  Free Cyber security risk awareness seminar's and lectures.

The user can give their suggestions or query in the comment sections present in the below of every page and as per their requirement, we respond to them.

For more queries or information contact us by the "ContactUs" page or you can share it with the below email address.