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Code/Logic Breaking with Special Characters/Symbols.
Code/Logic Breaking with Special Characters/Symbols.

Mostly Many developers while writing the code. They forgot to add regex for special characters/symbols which can break the flow/logic... Continue Reading
Web Application Penetration Testing Checklist
Web App Penetration Testing Checklist

The below are some common checklist for web application penetration testing. Information Gathering Spiders, Robots, and Crawlers Burpsuite crawler. Check... Continue Reading
Mobile application penetration testing
Mobile application penetration testing, and...

Why penetration testing required? Mobile applications often process any sensitive data (like user details, accessing contacts, photos, etc.), which is... Continue Reading
Some Useful Commands for Ubuntu...

Below are the list of commands:- Commands Command usages and details  $apropos    Search Help manual pages (man -k)  $apt-get... Continue Reading